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Pioneering self storage development opportunity adjacent to the A40 corridor
Prime West London location 5 miles from Zone 1
Highly visible from the A40 with over 70,000 daily passing vehicles
Accessible to key transport with PTAL rating of 5 (top 20%)      
In area of intense residential growth with over 8,000 units under development
Strong ESG credentials with target BREEAM 'Excellent' rating
Close Proximity with both HS2 & Crossrail being within walking distance
Prime West London Location
Altitude Self Storage is strategically located in a prime, accessible spot next to London's A40 corridor. The area is already home to numerous self-storage enterprises and stands to gain significantly from a substantial influx of residential projects that have received planning approval in the surrounding area.
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Recommended Supplier
Aspley Holdings Ltd.
Hong Kong based supplier of specialized machine parts for small–medium chain assembly and processing use cases.
12,483 t
Real-Time Emission Tracking
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Chain Summary
Aspley Holdings
4.6 t
Bomin Corp
1.7 t
Pearce Logistics
2.74 t
0.75 t
~9.79 t
Potential to optimize
Route Optimization
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Route Overview
Aspley Holdings Ltd.
1,359t CO₂
1 min / 0.4 miles
North Acton Station
2 mins / 0.5 miles
Old Oak Common
6 mins / 1.3 miles
A406 (North Circular)
7 mins / 1.1 miles
White City
12 mins / 3 miles
Central London
38 mins / 8 miles
A primary factor enhancing the investment appeal of Altitude is its proximity to residential development sites slated for Planning Consent (PC) within the next 5-10 years.
  • 158 units
  • 600 units
  • 1,070 units
  • 300 units
  • 3,258 units
  • 790 units
  • 1,228 units
  • 605 units
Number of households
ealing - 133,657
london - 3,423,800
Median Hourly Pay – Excluding Overtime
ealing - £18.75
london - £22.15
Population growth data
ealing - 22%
london - 23%
Population density
ealing - 367,115
london - 8,799,800
Average household income
ealing - £40,000
london - £44,370
Average house price
ealing - £743,581
london - £776,533
Made to Measure
Revolve empowers businesses to transform their supply chains into powerful tools for environmental responsibility.
Altitude's pioneering architecture will establish it as the UK's tallest self storage facility. The site has outline planning consent which includes the specification as detailed below.
Up to 99,695 sq ft
7 car parking spaces
Covered Loading Bay
3 van parking spaces
37.5m building height permitted
Planning consent for a self-storage facility (Class B8) including ancillary uses for office and light industrial uses
3 central goods lifts
3m floor to ceiling height per floor
Green Initiatives
Revolve empowers businesses to transform their supply chains into powerful tools for environmental responsibility.
Altitude showcases several advanced specification and ESG initiatives, standing out amongst the big name competitors.
Green Roof
BREEAM Excellent
EV Charging Capabilities
PV Panels
Proposed EPC A+
Made to measure